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The Second Venue Gig

We've just finished playing our second gig in a venue for the year, and I don't really know how to read my emotions. I think I have too much going on in my thoughts right now to actually react to what's physically happening. Though, I heard the show was a success. I think I was there theory~

We keep emphasizing "Venue Gig" because we did quite a lot through Covid. We wrote new music, released videos, had virtual concerts and jam sessions, and we hosted some of our own shows with rented venues and all that. But, in theory, that's now how the industry works, if you are unknown. To get known you have to perform in public areas as much as possible. Yet, you can't really perform in that many public areas without being know. Gotta love that chicken or the egg complex. However and therefore, emphasizing that Shrine was "the second venue gig" has major significance to our plans.

There was a lot of stuff I forgot to do or was just too in my head to remember in the first place during our Shrine performance. For one, I didn't talk to the audience about us making an LP. Well, that's kind of hard when you start multitasking and songwriting while trying to do that live performance justice. I definitely have to work on that. But the LP is a really big deal to me. And there are just so many possibilities; too many, maybe.

The logical thing is to take it one day at a time. But logic is only a fraction of what makes up my way of life. So~

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