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There is no title

It's been two years since I had written a blog post. And that's definitely a travesty considering that the last post up here was about the scratched video game that we were working on.

Covid did us dirty, as it did so many. Of course, we are thankful for good health. The band made it through without any major health scares, but the loss to our progress as a group and as individuals was pretty intense. And I'm sure you've heard, read and felt this yourself. So, let's try moving forward together, as difficult as that may be.

We've been working on a project that will come out a month or two after this. And I can't really say what this project actually became. It's not really because of secrecy or an element of surprise. It's just because I'm not really sure myself. You see, we had started one thing, and it became another. Of course, you'll love it. But the whiplash of direction is sometimes too much for me. Though, I wonder how many more of these things will happen and if I'll be able to keep up with my writing.

The project we're working on was initially supposed to be us experimenting; trying out new things, things we hated, things we loved but got rejected all for the purpose of enhancing our writing and playing moving forward. Then, it moved to become something where we focused solely on our heavy-hitting style because, while we do have a few songs like that, we don't have enough of a variety to hold a small tour of the city with just bangers. But then, it switched to us wanting to hone in on the punk influences of our current style. And, you guys, at this point, I was dizzy. lol

I'm a songwriter and composer that writes with strict purpose. Every original of mine is precious to me. I care about the timing, the setting, who will be hearing it first, when how and why... And all that influences what I write about, how it is written and then how I intend to perform it. Needless to say, with plans switching here and there, I was really struggling on my end. What came naturally suddenly became very technical because I had to be flexible seemingly on a whim but also timely so that I don't hold up the band. Honestly, it took a lot to maintain the quality in my writing. It's the downfall of being an emotional creature.

And now, this project is coming out to you all. Depending on how we move the tracks around, you're going to hear the difference between me trying things out - cleansing my palette - and the moment when I started getting stressed to the moment where I shifted gears entirely. It's a rollercoaster. But, in essence, it's always like that in a band. I just hope, in the future, I have a better grip on the railing whenever we do take a sudden turn, if so that ever happens.

This untitled project is a small departure from our main storyline. That is, we don't want anybody to think that this is what we are, but we do wan them to hear move of this one thing we also do. What we've learned working on this project will be integrated into the next official release and the creation of more songs. But our writing won't all be as heavy or fast as this - not all the time.

So, from a completely stressed out songwriter, I'll ask this one thing of you. When you hear this, please still give us the chance to be as creative, colorful and vast as we've been over the years, but still, thrash around as you please when it's played. I guess that's two things.

Our new project has:

The follow up to our published track "Sadie".

A recipe for growth and understanding.

Lessons in looking both ways before crossing the street.

Not the emotion you think it is.

And a reminder of support when you think you're alone.

Have fun.

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