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The Right to Have Troubles

Good Day!

Noshi here. So, I posted this on one of my social media platforms:

One thing about having multinational friends is being exposed to the sub-zero temperature of empathy around the world. And although I am a major advocate for not comparing one's troubles with another, I also have to point out that one's reaction to an issue that is not self-concerning can come full circle.

Soapbox dismounted and social justice warrior card in hand, I had just posted my immediate reaction to the Hong Kong protests.

Usually, my updates are very vague just because I want people to take away whatever positive advice they could. But sometimes, it's hard not to indulge my curiosity in my network's reactions. Two people reacted to that post, but heaven knows who read it.

There is a lot going on in the world. Everybody knows there are people starving; that there are people dying. There are also people be without the ability to walk; people that can't have biological children. There are suicidal people, some that can't see color and some that are diabetic. We live in a world where some people aren't allowed to speak, or one where you lose everything for believing in something. There are men and women that can't lose weight, some that can't gain weight and some that feel ugly. People live no further than a work-sleep schedule, and there are people untethered and free.

That last one probably caught you off guard. Because the idea of being "free" is quite subjective. The idea of not being tied to anything might even sound amazing. But to some, it can be as disastrous as a water droplet on your forehead for hours a day. At least, we should think before we judge someone for stressing out over something "lesser". Who knows what great things could come from somebody who is allowed to feel, not matter their trouble.

They could end up saving millions of people, or they could stay trapped in their anxieties. I doubt either of us could be the judge of what is heavy and what is not. So, as I've been saying on way or another in a few of these blogs, practice empathy, emotional intelligence and openness now, not later.


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