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Hi everybody. Noshi here with another riveting blog post - kind of.

So, if any of you follow us on social media and what-not, you'd know that we actually got to a lot of shows. I mean...not all together, most of the time, but collectively-speaking, we support a ton of performances, not just in rock music but in many other genre and forms of art. But hey. This is a blog on the Nihil Admirari website, so guess what? We'll talk about rock.

Ever heard of Semaphore?

"...alternative rock, modern jazz, and ambient electronic music, eventually taking the hybrid form that is his recording project and band, Semaphore. Drawing from influences like Pink Floyd, Tycho, Smashing Pumpkins, M83, and Tigran Hamasyan, Semaphore’s music is intricate and lush." what's written on their website, but actually this is very largely in part a bio of the founder and frontman, Sid. (I really should check if this whole face reveal thing is serious. I feel like I'm opening the floodgates here.)

These guys are really interesting and hard to put your finger on, in my opinion Of course, I'm no expert when it comes to genre identification (Ha), but it's always refreshing to experience music that I consider new - fully taking in that minor disclaimer. And they are quite new. Fight me on it, but they really give me visions of what Nihil Admirari is doing.

Sure, we might not be the same genre. (Again...not sure. are we??? What is this?) But the idea of having all these influences and not be ever so restricted to the checklist of genre-specific traits is just the basics of what's going on here, and I think we need more that in the industry. But again... People often do hate change.

Oh yeah. I should probably let you hear their music.

Just a few months back, though the band paid homage to one of their biggest influences, The Dillinger Escape Plan. And just to put into perspective how underexposed I am about this heavier music, I had only discovered the band the week of their farewell tour; literally three days before their last show before calling it quits. But anyway.

Semaphore, in collaboration with another interesting band - Juan Bond, smashed this performance. Here's a bunch of photos from the show that I took with my phone. They have audio and video that's way better than mine and aren't restricted by this website's upload limits. Sah~

"Mathoween" at The Footlight was spear-headed by Semaphore and had the idea of bands "dressing up" as another band and covering their songs. Semaphore was Dillinger, and the other band was Limp Bizkit.

Okay. Let me put this disclaimer out there. Yall claim to hate Limp Bizkit but can't stop yourselves from singing their singles. A good amount of these metal heads lost their shit when Nookie came on. And the cover band revved up the dirtiness in their performance that I dear might possibly maybe suggest sounded better than the original.

Anyway, so Semaphore covered the entire Miss Machine album. I was freaking out of control. I can't wait for the videos to come up.

For more about Sid, Semaphore, Juan Bond and probably events like Mathoween, check out their mega hub, Mathcore Index.

And since my Mum says I like to own people. Here's photographic evidence that I was part of Semaphore's music video shoot.

Thanks. Bye.

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