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Pink Spider

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Pink Spider charm
My new Pink Spider charm.

Hi! Noshi here. I sing or whatever in Nihil Admirari. Ha.

I have two pieces of minor jewelry that resemble a pink spider. They're both symbolic of one of my idols, Hideto Matsumoto, the late pink-haired solo hard rock artist and guitarist of the Japanese metal band, X Japan - stylized in writing as all lowercased "hide". It's subtle and not even real precious metal, but it was what I either could find or afford at the time of my exposure to an artist that had been around years before.

When I find something or someone I am moved by, my following actions can be a little confusing, to say the least. I really admired hide. I remember sometime early on as a child, I asked my parents to call me "Pink Spider" blissfully unaware of the lyrics of this Youtube video I had found. And despite all of that, I didn't even know anything about hide's personal life. I just really liked this song/video and a bunch of other things I found out about him online.

Noshi's greatest piece of art.
Behold! My thoroughly embarrassing personality quiz from way back. I used to love this crap.

It's one of those things where you're definitely allowed to be a fan in whatever way you'd like. I don't believe you have to know the entire discography of an artist, how he started music or even that he inspired Marilyn Manson's glam phase (Although, that part, I knew.). See because while it's wonderful to have the kind of interest that sends you down a rabbit hole of knowledge, maybe that's not what grasps you. Even as a musician, learning technique and all that can actually come from watching your favorite video over and over again.

So, don't let anybody bring you down just because you've only heard one song that you love of an artist you look up to. Not everybody lives the same way.


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