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Hurricane Dorian

Hi all,

Noshi here. And this is a short post just to announce what happened in the Caribbean just this week.

Hurricane Dorian, at its strongest, was a category 5. It may be a bit weaker by the time this post is made public, but its 22ft storm surge across islands like Abaco and Grand Bahama completely erased communities at the end of August and the beginning of September. Contrary to a recent belief, The Bahamas has some of the strongest building codes with construction that has held up for decades through some of the worst storms in history. The real game changer is that categorization of 5.

A category 4 hurricane is defined by winds above 130mph resulting in "catastrophic damage".

A category 5 is 157mph; the strongest in history.

Two cat fives are: Katrina at 175mph and Dorian at 185mph.

Those numbers are insane. It takes only 65mph to send a 150lbs human being flying! So, needless to say, acres of homes have been erased, and almost as many plots of land are lost forever under the sea. And though people in my country are always very much prepared and used to battering from the elements during hurricane season, this one hit them hard.

If you'd like to help, feel free to donate to the Red Cross, that has had one of the biggest presences during this disaster, or you can use any bit of information listed below.

Cheers, everyone~

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