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Different Times

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Hi everybody. Noshi here with yet another blog post that only one or two people will read - hopefully. And this time... Really, that was a wrong choice of words... One sec. Rethinking...

This post (I guess) will be about how time effects so much in our lives. And no it won't be deep because I'm obligated to say that before I begin while being fully aware that I get very moody when I'm hungry. I'm always hungry when writing these things.

Time for The Holidays
Artwork by カリノシ 5.12.18

Bare with me. I've been watching Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon, and my sarcasm and dark humor (?) is amped up to 11.

So, we're a relatively unknown band, and although we proved that we can pull, at least the minimum at venues around the city., we're in this weird transitional period where we're too "successful" for some venues and then just not "known enough" for others. Hence, there's a really peculiar window in-between performances.

Because, you know how bands are like "We booked six months beforehand." Oh no. That never happens for us. lol

Sunday at 9
Lightly exaggerated,. Yet, any earlier, and we'd get no response at all. Hustle hustle.

And on top of that, our schedules are hardly a joke. But we've got to carve out the time to rehearse and plan and not to forget that we're supposed to be bandmates or whatever. I mean, just a few days ago, I tried singing in rehearsal after a two-week break, and I definitely saw my life flashing before my eyes trying to get through Sadie. Also, everybody forgot the seasonal song for...this season. Show in two weeks, folks!

The only thing that can be done about people's time not matching up is to find the time anyway.


Well, what did you think I was going to say? You either find the time, or you're going to be crap on stage. Take less hours at work and eat off the dollar menu for a week. Turn down those dates with friends and family because you were the one that decided to be a "full-time" musician. Pull all-nighters. Do what you can.

There's literally no compromise sometimes, and determination shines through. It's either rehearse and meet or don't and... I really tried to come up with a clever rhyme, but that didn't work.


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