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AHS (A Hearse Song)


Noshi here, and today's post is going to be about a song that - as of right now - you can only hear when you come to our Halloween Show: "AHS (A Hearse Song)".

Nihil Admirari's Inspiration for AHS: The Hearse Song
An Excerpt, "The Hearse Song"

Here we have a picture taken from a children's book of scary stories called "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark". This book is fairly famous, and it's usually found in libraries for very young children. Very young. Notice the appeal of the cute skeleton with the candle on its head...

Side note: I have been introduce to three bands worth of people that don't understand sarcasm, and I literally can't relate.

A lot of people that have seen this image believe it is the origin, but nah. This song has been around for many generations, and there are many iterations of it because nobody really knows where it came from. Wiki says it's from the Crimean War in the 1850s, but who knows.

All I do know is that this is a horrifying piece of literature mixed with music that talks about someone dwelling on death, and our band took it, ran with it and made what some consider our most metal song. And I mean, the genre. So, calm down.

Our band is very themed sometimes. And when we first formed the collaboration for AHS in 2018, we decided that we needed a defining song for the project. The festival is called "All Hallows' Scream", and our adaptation of The Hearse Song is called "A Hearse Song". So, they're both "AHS". Of course, such an obtuse idea came from the random personality of Mike V. who had spoken about this for almost a year before AHS 2018 happened.

Nihil Admirari Band at AHS Festival 2018
A pic of us at AHS. I was a dead pirate. Hence, the green skin.

In short, the song played off the idea that this image came from a children's book of scary stories. There are two verses and bridge, each spelling out a childhood scary story each of us experienced. These three sections were enveloped by the chant-like chorus taken directly from The Hearse Song's first stanza. In order:


Vabo's Story


Mike V's Story


My Story


It seems pretty straight forward, but in good ol' Nihil Admirari fashion, it's not at all. The technical makeup is one thing, but the emotional drive is a whole other. I quite enjoy the balance. ;)

Here is each story in summary:

  • Vabo. As a child, he used to spend his summers with his Grandfather, and it was there where he had seen a little girl around his age. His Grandfather, casually told him about this child who "visited" every now and again but was not of this world.

  • Mike V. Ever so protective of his gear that took him forever to amass in his basement studio, he was sitting in the quiet and isolated area when he realized quite a few things were missing without explanation. Being the only one that would move anything around and the only one in the house for almost 24 hours, it remained unsolved.

  • My story. In short, I experienced sleep paralysis in great detail. I had woken up in the middle of my sleep cycle where one's body is completely paralyzed. A clear view of the outdoors, the trees were still, but my ears were ringing from a loud howling wind. I couldn't move my mouth or speak, and when I looked to see if my feet were moving, I saw a blue flame at the foot of my bed. Distracted, I felt very cold fingers grab my arm, which is when mobility returned to me, and I sat up. The thing is, I still have the give cold impressions lingering on my arm - the only unexplained part of the experience.

We each told our individual stories on a different platform with some cool modified picture and voiceover; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you missed it then...

Well, then, you missed it. lol Come to the show this year: October 19th, 2019

But I'm sure we'll be providing you with interesting content like this again and again at every AHS; each one separate from the other. So, stay tuned and follow us everywhere.

Lawl. Nope. This isn't a record of A Hearse Song, but it is us live at AHS. Like I said, that one is special. So, you gotta come out to hear it and see us be all theatrical.


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