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Punk As A Mental State by Vabo

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Hello, everyone. Nice to meet you or long time no see. This is Vabo from obviously Nihil Admirari.

That's me if you don't know which one is me ↓

Das Me


I finally start to write something as Guitarist of Nihil Admirari in Fxxking English (yes it’s not my mother tongue so please don’t judge my weird writing. If you do please go to bathroom and look at yourself on the mirror.) Today (idk what day is today but idk other ways to say it, oh i guess this time works? anyway) I’m gonna talk about my definition of Punk since we’re going to go to shows include Punk Island.

For me Punk isn’t music genre but mental state or more simply says an attitude. In that sense, anyone can be Punk. I met Punk Singer, Guitarist, Barber, Fisherman, Teacher, Politician, homeless, Mother and so on. Okay I can feel many of readers don’t understand what I’m talking about. I’ll explain little bit more. When the Ramones (Legendary New York Punk Band, if you don’t know them you’re so lucky because you could like their music from now) started the band, they could’t play other band’s songs because it was too difficult to play for them. So the Ramones decided to write THEIR songs instead of practicing somebody’s songs. THIS IS THE PUNK, okay? it doesn’t mean I AM BAD AT PLAYING SO I AM PUNK, NO FUCKING NO, IT IS JUST A TRASH. sorry, but I think it is clearer than it was that what I was talking about. In this beautiful sense,

When I was 15yo I took picture with Singer from Punk Band in the Green Room of local venue in Osaka.
Young Vabo (15yo) with J-Punk Singer-Mariko Goto(ex.Midori)

Oh look, I was in Ramones T-shirt even I was 15 yo lol Nihil Admirari’s music is really Punk because three of us definitely have such an attitude. If you can fee that way, you are also Punk and I believe we can be friend.


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