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Memory of Summer Sonic

Hi, it's not Noshi lol (Yes I am the one who plays guitar.) Summer is the season for music festivals. I hope we will perform at some music festivals in the next season...anyway.

I have an unforgettable memory of Summer Sonic that is a Japanese Music Festival mainly collect non-Japanese performers. I went to Summer Sonic in 2008 as first time, I remember headliners were Cold Play, Alicia Keys, The Prodigy,The Verve, The Trivium and The Sex Pistols (shit I miss so many great acts.) It was such a hot day. If you have ever been to Japan in summer time, you know what I am talking about. Japanese summer feels like staying sauna forever. Back then, I was regular teenage boy who loves rock music, and of course he had no money. I only brought one water bottle and I finished it just after seeing few acts (including Zebra Head and Maximum the Hormone.) Oh also I joined the mosh pit. I sweated like Niagara falls. You know what happened to me. I had heatstroke. It wasn't severe one but still I felt dizzy so much. I crawled to the vender and bought 500yen water bottle (yes it was expensive bc they took advantage.) That was the tastiest water in my life. It is an unforgettable taste. Yes guys, drink water in the summer. That is really important. I'm not kidding.

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