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And Then There Were Four

So, you guys may or may not have noticed that we've been using this title "And Then There Were Four" for all the shows that have been coming up this year. And that is because...there are now four of us. Haha

We learned to theme our shows and events because we just work better that way. So, whether it's a string of shows that are related, one venue gig that's for a special occasion or our epic Halloween show, there will always be a theme and reason behind it. And evidently, all the shows for 2024 are designed for our newest member - Mike D. - get get some more experience and feel for how we are on stage, the type of audience we currently have and the chaos of all that prep work. Thus, all these shows are under the umbrella "And Then There Were Four".

I think I mentioned before, but we're also writing our LP. So, as we go through our entire discography in 2024, we're also studying what we've done in the past, chatting it up with Mike D. and coming up with new ideas, new arrangements and so on. Really, it's a lot of prep work for the LP, which is new territory for the band. You know when you have that one thing that feels so important that you're on the verge of being overwhelmed by it? Yup. That's been creeping up on me. Deep breathes.

The entire band has ideas for the directions we focus on most. We're not a group that sticks to one description of who we are or what was sound like. The only thing deliberately consistent is what we stand for: having an open mind - our namesake. So, we mix, match, tear apart and glue music genre for each and every song and project we come about. Therefore, it makes sense to say which direction we "focus on most".

I really have no idea, for the first time in a long time. I'm an intense planner. But once I decided to approach the creation of this LP even more organically, I just write music until I start to feel a bigger spark than usual.

Excited to show you guys what's next!

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