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Post Punk Band, NYC
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Writing Our Next Chapter

Our band name "Nihil Admirari" is a latin phrase describing a way of life without expectation, accepting all possibilities and having an open mind.

The direct and literal translation of the word "Nihil" is "Nothing" in English, and "Admirari" is "To want, to admire."

We are a post punk band that has consistently been going strong through the pandemic and years of a search for our final member; a bassist. Through trial and error, we have learned a lot about the business, who we are and the community of which we are naturally a part, but we have so much more to offer.

After five releases, dozens of performances and videos, years of searching and survival of the pandemic, we've found our fourth member, our bassist; finally completing our lineup and jumpstarting the road to our first LP.

We create rock music that is heavily influenced by a lot of other genre and sub-genre like hard rock, metal, punk, alternative and theatrical rock. At the moment, our most identifiable sound is "Post Punk"; a theatrical, emotionally-charged showcase of social, political and philosophical issues. We are an all-inclusive band, and we do our best to make the stories we tell - the themes we offer - either eye-opening or relatable whether we're soaring along with violins, screaming at the night or jumping around to a good groove.

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