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     "Nihil Admirari" is a Latin term describing a certain way of life where one lives without expectation. In a broader sense, it can mean "Have an open mind". Things do not always have to be one or the other, and that's our philosophy as artists and musicians.

     We are an incomplete rock band; temporarily a trio looking for a fourth - our bassist. Since 2016, we've created music that has recently been defined as "post punk". Everything we do is primarily influenced by the rock genre with many added inspirations.

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We talk a lot, and that's because we usually end up doing things in a slightly peculiar way. No. We just do things the way we want, and that doesn't always line up with the norm.

But everything about is with purpose; the way we dress, how we move, why there's a "pirate" section in the middle of a song. So, we'd like people to understand those sorts of things. We can't be the only ones that think in unexpected ways.

If you want to hear us ramble on about stuff, we recently started streaming in Twitch. If you want to hear us "speak" through every other medium, I'd say our Instagram feed is a good bet.

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Vabo Guitar

This guy is pretty insightful, but you'll only know that if you listen to his music or get him drunk. Otherwise, he's just another one of us weirdos except with actual fans and a signature look.

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Noshi Vocal

I really like this picture of me, but it probably wouldn't tell people that I write music/poetry about any and everything. I'm pretty sure I have a song called "BBQ Sauce" because I was eating nuggets the day I wrote it.

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Mike V. Drum

Constantly walks around saying strange things like "I'm just a cool and likable guy, you know?" and wholeheartedly believing it. Half his fashion is below the belt, but he's the drummer...

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