We Are Nihil Admirari

An alternative rock trio searching for a third.

     If you're wondering why this website looks the way it does, it's because we have a new addition to our achievements: 3 Lives Left, the video game. Everything you see here is themed after the 2020 addition to All Hallows' Scream. And Miratie, whose face and little sprite you might see around the site, is a new mascot of ours alongside the logo you see above every page.

    Two EPs and a Single in, we are an alternative rock band. "Alternative", in our sense, means that we create rock music that may not fit into one single sub-genre of rock. This fact definitely makes our search for our final member, the bassist, that more challenging after 3 years.

“Nihil Admirari” is a Latin phrase generally defined as “To be surprised by nothing”; a way of life that suggests not to have a mind so closed as to prejudge, predict or cast aside anything as impossible.

Nihil Admirari Purple
Nihil Admirari Noshi Blue

Noshi, Vocals

From a background of silence to the voice of a rock band, our classical crossover frontman overcame a lot of internal strife to live freely. The Contrarian.

  • @noshicurry
  • @hellonoshi
Nihil Admirari Vabo Green

Vabo, Guitar

The popular one that runs out of energy everywhere but on stage, he's our charismatic grunge kid always evolving - lover of the weird. The Vagabond.

  • @osaka_vagabond
  • @osaka_vagabond
Nihil Admirari Mike Red

Mike, Drums

The quiet introvert and man of few words, welcome the percussionist. He's as unexpected as his many collections.

The Mask.

  • @mikevillarica
  • @villaricamusic

     We're from The Bahamas, Japan, The United States, The Phillippines, Boston, Brooklyn, Long Island, Music School, Theater, Metal, Punk, Classical.. You get the picture. We're really all over the place, and we have a lot of interests which influences our music on every level. But this salsa of influence comes together in a sound that is quickly being recognized as our own. With one more ingredient, our bassist, that sound will be more than complete. Kthxbye