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Multi-Influence Rock Trio

Looking for BASSIST (Brooklyn, NY)

     We’ve been guitar, drum and vocal for 4 years - from three countries - with a sound rooted in punk, hard rock and metal mixing in other genres. Some of our favorite rock bands are: Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down, Queen, Foo Fighters and Muse. We don’t need a bassist who shares these favorites (We’d be more excited for someone that brings something else.), but our fourth member should enjoy this musical flavor. We build on members’ interests moving toward long-term mainstream commercial success.


You can jump to our website here: 


     We’ve released two EPs, a single, two videos with our own Youtube/Twitch channels and have a relatively good social media presence - when we try; paid social media campaigns, posters, flyers, cards, promo videos, etc. We’re also the founders of the “All Hallows’ Scream” yearly Halloween festival and party that we’ve headlined in Brooklyn for the past 3 (going on 4) years. And collectively, we can write, record, produce and market the band’s work. We all find a way to contribute to the process.

 *We consciously chose not to do too much more without the final member - bass, including releasing an LP. Because, although our music is very much complete, we have plans for a full band with that low end and that fourth personality.*

     We’re of three different dispositions and lifestyles, but we have a lot in common. Namely, we all like video games and food, and we want to be on the global stage. There’s also a shared duality in seriousness and quirkiness. A meeting about booking a venue can just as easily conclude with some ridiculous pun. Flexibility is key in this business, and hopefully, whatever your personality, you won’t hate us. Lol


     Covid squashed a lot of opportunities and halted our plans for finding the final member. But we’re looking for someone:


  • Whose main instrument is bass.

  • Who wants to primarily be a rock musician.

  • Who is considering a long-term career as a performer.

  • Who has a high level of proficiency in playing.

  • Who is flexible and has a good variety of techniques.

  • Who wants to help compose/arrange

  • Who wants to help manage the band.

  • Who has a lot of room to grow.

  • Who is ambitious and enthusiastic in their own way.

  • Who can put aside the time for the development of a band.

  • Who would like to make three new friends. :)


   If you like us, please send an email including a brief description of yourself, video/audio of you playing and what you’re looking for in a band. After that, we’ll contact you to set up an audition and chat, which usually includes a cover you choose, a cover we choose, one of our originals and a short jam.


     Thanks for reading all this! Contact us via:, through any of our social media or even just the contact page on our website.


See you soon?

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